Spes Novum

[Prequel] Deeper underground

When the party decided to go look for the wolves that they had heard of, Eric decided to help them. But because they already had a fight with some goblins the party was slightly exhausted. Due to this, a fight with four wolves and one dire wolf was not easy and caused three of the members to go down. Luckily Ajani noticed their peril and decided to help. With his help, the wolves were no match. Now the only problem at hand was that there were three party members down and nothing to make them get up. Ajani thought of making something to lift the rest up and drag them to the cave that the party had been before. In that cave, everyone rested and in the morning everyone was awake to see what Ajani actually was. His appearance raised some questions but because he helped them survive their spirits where soon lifted.
Ajani told the crew that he was looking for a crew of guards that were investigating a murder and that that party got lost. To thank Ajani for his help, the rescue party was set up to go. After a little bit of tracking, a ruin was found with a big gap that had a rope going in to it. Mazmoir was the first to go in, but soon got attacked by giant rats. Distracted by these rats, Marvin fell down the rope and hurt himself pretty bad. Darius climbed down and sang a song to heal Marvin. Meanwhile, the rats where being killed and kicked down the stairs. When the whole party arrived, they saw huge stairs and a buried citadel. After venturing in a few living dead were slain until a Kobold was found. The Kobold was crying because he lost the dragon that his kind were supposed to care for. After a quick chat, the Kobold appeared to be named Meepo and took the crew to his leader. The Kobold leader had seen the guards that Ajani was looking for to start with, and those guards were going into the lair where the dragon was taken as well. Meepo, while being tied by a mistrusting Ajani, guided them into that lair and opened a door that made a bell ring….


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