Spes Novum

The downfall of Grendel Darkmore

Last time, Spes Novum arrived in the underwater tomb of Zyprix, they killed a flaming skull that emerged from a sarcophagus and claimed a small emerald from it. They managed to avoided a trap while obtaining a small copper cube, which they placed inside an opening in the wall.

After placing the cube, the wall slides open, revealing a corridor with at the end a high marble pedestal with a square box on top of it. After solving the puzzle and pressing the sides of the box in the right order, the box opened revealing a mysterious message.
While searching the corridor they find a secret door leading to a chamber with a checkeboard floor of white and blue tiles. Carefully they traverse this room avoiding the blue tiles and thereby a 20feet fall. Exiting this room leads them into a hallway with at the end two doors. Inspecting these doors they find that one door is fake and would smash them. They go through the other door emerging in a room with large ceramic tiles with symbols on them. With trial and error and a leap of faith they manage to reach the other side (with some damage), claiming the ruby that lay on a pedestal.
Continuing their way forward they encounter multiple traps (Dart volley, Collapsing stairs and Acid Rain) some they avoid some they don’t. Leading them towards a crossroad. They decide to go east and leave the south hallway for what it is.
They enter a room with a narrow bridge that spans the room, under it they see the slow bubbling of liquid wax. On the bridge they see a large entity(flint golem) that starts to charge them. they manage to throw the creature into the boiling wax, which sadly for them it does not seem to mind. During the battle they notice a small diamond on the forehead of this creature, with some skill they manage to slay the creature and save the diamond.
They exit the boiling wax room and arrive in a beautiful garden, which starts to flood as soon as the entire party is in the room. Brysark reacts fast and runs for the first thing his eye fell on, a large gargoyle head at the far end of the garden. Jamming his arm inside the gargoyle’s mouth, he feels a round object sinked in the stone at the back of the tongue. Pressing down on the tongue, revealing a drain, a small Black Opal and a door.
They arrive in a corridor with strange blue crystals as ceiling. When they are a small way in, suddenly they start to levitate as the gravity is turning upside down and increasing in strenght, pinning them down on the blue crystals. These crystals are freezing cold and they put all effort in getting to the other side as fast as possible.
Putting them in a chamber with different color walls, large double doord and with the silhouettes of five dragons painted around the doors. Each silhoute has a small round socket where the eye of the dragon would be. Recognizing this the party figures out that the mysterious text they found in the box is a clue for this puzzle, however there are five dragons and they only have four different round gemstones. The make their way back to the crossroad, trying to avoid the reversed gravity trap (some more successful than others).
Arriving at the crossroad and going south this time. They find a large room with cloudy white crystals embedded in the floor, that form some kind of symbol. After figuring it out, they pressed the crystals in the right order and a small latch opens, revealing a small sapphire.
Returning to the room with the silhouettes of the dragons (this time avoiding the anti-gravity trap). Together with the text from the box they manage to insert the gemstones in the right sockets, opening the large doors.
Finally they found the burial room of Zyprix and their goal was within reach, but not before battling a lesser bone golem and two ogre skeletons. After the battle they open the sarcophagus, finding the remnants of a large golden dragonborn together with Night Shade. They take Night Shade and leave Zyprix untouched.

Arriving back in Stanehold, the party makes their way to Almara’s office. At the door they are approached by a young man by the name of Oliver, after hearing what happened he offers his help and the party accepts. The following day the party sets out, to where this all started Grendel’s tower.

A day and a half passes before they reach their destination. Stealthily approaching the tower, which has grown significantly since the last time they saw it. The doors of the tower open for them. The party is greeted by Grendel, who has a dazed Dibelle at his feet. After some bargaining it is decided that Darius and Brysark will do the exchange in the middle. The moment Darius received Night Shade he drops it so Grendel can teleport it to himself with a bright flash. Once the flash and the sight of the party returned, Grendel and Dibelle are nowhere to be seen and Darius is walking away. They party attacks Darius and a large battle starts between the party and Darius, Taleisin and Olbus. With the party victorious, they make their way up the tower.
On the second floor they activate a trap, leaving more than half of the party unable to move. Giving Dibelle the opening to stab a paralyzed Almara through the heart with a dagger. Shocked by what they have seen, Helwen who managed not to get paralyzed by the trap, dispells the magic that was making Dibelle kill her teacher. Oliver with the help of a diamond the party had obtained, manages to revive Almara.
Reaching the top of the tower, the party faces Grendel, who has help from Zyprix and a charmed Noloth. A long and hard battle follows, in which they manages to kill Zyprix and Noloth. Grendel in his last desperate attempt tries to flee, sadly for him his escape route is cut short by a very acrobatic bear (Helwen).


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