Grendel Darkmore


A dark wizard corrupted by Bane, cast down by Correlon and trying to surive.


Once a member of the Saviors, who helped defeat the evil ancient dragon Zeporahm and end the United War. However he was corrupted by the evil deity Bane, who promised him eternal life and unlimited power. Devoting his life to Bane, only to be cast down by Corellon when Bane was put back in his place again.

He was locked up in a demiplane for over 500 years. With only one goal in mind, finding a way to escape. With the forced help of Dibelle, they tricked Spes Novum into freeing him from his prison.

After obtaining his freedom, he started recovering his belongings and building his power. He did this by reforming the Saviors. He located their bodies and brought them back to life with dark magic that placed them under his control. For the only member that was still alive (Almara) he needed a plan.

He used Almara’s favorite student Dibelle as hostage, so she would spill the location of Night Shade and of Zyprix (the only member of the Saviors he could not find). He knew she would not leave Dibelle to die and would join Spes Novum for the exchange.

Tricking Spez Novum in handing over Night Shade and not returning Dibelle, the next thing he needed was for Almara to die and complete the new Saviors. The trap he had setup for this worked perfectly and he managed to let DIbelle under his influence kill her. Sadly he had underestimated Spes Novum as they were more resourceful then he had expected. They were able to revive her and free Dibelle of his spell.

Spes Novum together with Oliver, Almara and Dibelle were able to put the members of the new Saviors back to their well deserved rest. His last resort was to escape, however his escape route was cut short by a bear (Helwen).

Grendel Darkmore

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