Uthal 'Shieldbearer' Thuliaga


Goliath Paladin
INT -1


Ulthal is a goliath born in the clan of Thuliaga. He and his clan lived high up in the mountains of Ashen peaks where they lived in seclusion but in corporation with multiple families of dwarves.
From a young age, Ulthal was tested by Thuliaga clan as part of their rituals. “Leaders are the greatest in existence and every Goliath must be a leader” was the creed that the clan lived by and so Ulthal was trained to be a great leader. The goliaths are fair but always judgmental and didn’t let these tests go over easily. Although Ulthal was a big and strong specimen, he was never quite smart enough to pass all of them, and got ignored for a long time. He never stopped his training but also tried to make friends with everyone around him.
The dwarves that lived near were great miners and smiths. They never went to war, because there was simply no-one to bother them at these heights and they liked the place they lived so had no need to find conquer another region. In great harmony with the Thuliaga clan the dwarves were allowed to mine the mountains and caves where the clan also had their home. The leaders of both races came together every now and then to make peaceful arrangements about where the dwarves could dig and mine for their smiths. The dwarven smiths could make great weapons and armor which they sold on markets down the mountains.
Ulthal made good friends with the dwarves and they helped them train for his rite of passage at the age of 23. They showed him how to clear his mind and focus on the light, so that he did not let his anger lead his giant strength. It angered Ulthal that he had still not acquired a nickname from his clan, as all goliaths had and should. He became insecure but stayed optimistic and friendly towards everyone in the hope that he would get a fitting nickname that he could present with pride. To ease his mind and show that he was a great friend, the dwarves made him chainmail armor fitted to his immense body.
But times changed as a new folk arrived to stay with the dwarves. They seemed grimmer and even looked a little darker. They were arrogant and thought they should claim the mountains to make even better armor, without meddling of these self-righteous goliaths. Ulthal saw little of his dwarven friends and became even more secluded. He started to roam the mountains alone to find more meaning and maybe even other folk to become friends with. Suddenly he stumbled upon a magic item and rushed back to his clan to tell about it.
But when Ulthal came back, he was just in time to see his old dwarven friends fight alongside these new dwarves against his clan. Although the Goliaths were much bigger and stronger, the dwarves were in greater numbers and were defeating the Thuliaga clan. No one was left alive, and Ulthal saw there was no reasoning with these dwarves. He rushed in and with his bare hands crushed many dwarves. He picked up a hammer from a fallen goliath and slung it at the invaders, sending them flying. He looked around to find his mother, with whom he always had a bond, but couldn’t find him or his father. He only saw the biggest of the clan, their great leader, lying on the ground attacked by a great number of the darker dwarves. Ulthal remembered how this leader would train him and was going to lead the rite of passage that he still had to take and ran to him. He slung the warhammer around, taking many hits but slaying even more. His rage was great but his sympathy greater as the leader handed his own shield, and uttered his final words: “Defend and destroy, Ulthal ‘Shieldbearer’ Thuliaga”. With these last words a great pride fell over Ulthal, and mixed with anger of his lost mother and clan, he singlehandedly smashed every dwarf to be found, even those who tried to flee were not safe from Ulthals hammer.
After the battle was over, Ulthal looked around. When he saw all homes destroyed, he wandered off. He looked as his own chain mail that the dwarves had made for him as friends. He loved it and remembered it fondly but was angered to think about the deceit the dwarves had played on him. Then, suddenly he saw the glimmer and almost shining symbol on the shield he still held. Amazed, sad but also very proud Ulthal walked off of the mountain off to find a new home and new friends, the meaning of this symbol, and the truth behind the magic item he found. Every step he took, he uttered the final words that he saw as his rite of passage, “Defend and destroy, Shieldbearer, Defend and destroy”. With every time he said it, he felt his mind ease, but his lusts for vengeance grow. His head and spirit were lifted, off to find new friends, as he would never lose friends again.

Uthal 'Shieldbearer' Thuliaga

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