Spes Novum

[Prequel] The search continues

As the bell on the door rang, our group of adventurers leapt back from it and took defensive positions to take on whatever came through that door. As nothing came to this side, the group decided to proceed to the other side of the door themselves after disabling the bell. They happened upon a wide hallway with caltrops scattered all over the floor. Down the hallway there was a little wall, without any enemies within sight.

They tried to sneak into the hallway, avoiding the caltrops, but failed when Ajani accidentally stepped on one and slightly cried out in pain. Immediately two goblins appeared from behind the wall and ambushed the group. Even though the goblins were easily disposed of, Mazmoir went down in the battle and was now unconscious.

As the group prepared for a short rest in the goblin’s hideout, Marvin was ambushed while setting up the goblin corpses as a warning to any other goblins.

After defeating this next group of goblins, of which one of them escaped, the group decided to take a rest long enough for Marvin and Mazmoir to recover from their injuries.

After resting up, the group investigated the doors of the next room and found a holding cell where several Kobolds and Gnome were held captive. The Kobolds were released and sent back to their lair whereas the Gnome named Erky joined the party. As a cleric for Corellon, he promised to help the group if they would help him retrieve his gear and find the goal of his visions of the underdark.

After passing through a storage room, in which Ajani very thoroughly searched for hidden items, the adventurers entered a foggy room in which they were attacked by another group of goblins. After fighting their way through this group as well, the group investigated the doors in this room, one of them leading into a room which seemed to be ravaged by a beast of some kind, possibly the white dragon…


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