Spes Novum

Crawling Caves

When Trapetor suddenly got hoisted up by his neck, Spes Novum was suprised by an attack of a group of Cave Fishers. Because the heavy battles they have had before this, a tiresom battle began. Trapetor was saved from a certain death when he was saved from the Cave fisher Angler and had his fall softened by Lilli. When the battle raged on, only Helwen was left standing to save the rest of the group, while the gang of Cave Fishers only grew with little minions. But even after sustaining many wounds in battle, Spes Novum came out as victors, but needed to rest before going on.

After their short rest, Spes Novum ventured on into the cave, that seemed almost man made. The cave formed a labyrinth that seemed like an earlyer search for something. When going trough this dark labyrinth, multiple dead ends were found but eventually a longer path became visable. Trying to be stealthy, our heroes walked not as silently as they hoped trhough the claw marked tunnels when they were surprised by multiple Carrion Crawlers. Just when this seemed an relativly easy battle, a sudden Umber Hulk crushed trough the floor and attacked Spes Novum as well. After some weird interactions, Uthal even tried to attack Brysark and other members of Spes Novum didn’t behave like their usual selves as well. after figuring out that the Umber Hulk could pursuade the heroes to do other things than wanted just by looking into their eyes, a number of blind attacks followed and the Umber Hulk was eventually defeated! After this, they took another rest, while using Helwens soft Bear shape as a nice and fluffy pillow. saldy, only Uthal was covered from the cave climate and the rest of the party didn’t get the results of their rest that they hoped for.

The labyrith was figured out and the party didn’t waste much time to find the entrance. After listening closely, Trapetor found out that in the room that the tunnels led to had three occupants. plans were discussed in the party but they agreed that they had to check if they could be attacked in the back if they went in, so went looking into another tunnel. There they found a huge hole in the ground that was to deep to investigate and after hearing multiple rumblings, the group geared up again, ready to confront the creatures in the other room.


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