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[Log] Fly like a Brybry

Uthal and Trapetor went to the blacksmith to pick up their shield and weapon. The smith told them Helwen her dragon armor is ready. Meanwhile Brysark is standing inside a very cold picture. For him it looks like he is in another world. He can see a portal floating in the air with Helwen and Lili in it; looking very concerned, he can’t hear them though. Lili decides to also steps into the portal painting, but not before she and Helwen are both holding the same rope. Lili gets sucked into the portal causing Helwen to having to let go of the rope. Helwen decides to follow Lili while putting her water skin in front of the painting, to let the others know where they went. Meanwhile the other two party members start walking back to the academy, probably because one of them has a bad feeling about something. Lili wants to tests if it is a two way portal hoping that she isn’t doomed to freeze her butt off forever. It is, so for a moment she is standing inside the warm academe. Since she didn’t die everybody gets out of the painting to wait for the rest of the party. With the party now complete and all caught up, they all go through the portal, again standing in the same freezing world. The first thing they see is a large oak tree. After some careful looking at the tree they find a symbol representing a fey and 7 black orbs. The orbs have a magic aura. Brysark his egg has stopped glowing. There is two ways to go from here, up a mountain and down a valley. They follow the path up for a while, but all they get is colder, except for Uthal, because he is fat. So they go down and back to the academy to visit Almara. Trapetor lies about no gards being in the hallway where the painting is. Luckily Helwen is a little more serious and finds out the world in the portal changes every two weeks. There are a lot of possible plaines the portal can connect between: ice, wind, water, dust, earth and hell. This cold one will stay connected for four days. Brysark tells about the amulet he is looking for. Almara knows it is called an amulet of proof against detection and location. The symbol on the tree is the symbol of Otis, which is a fey patrion of warlocks. The black beads appear to be beads of force according to Almara. The party goes shopping for some warm clothes and Helwen picks up her armour, which is slowly melting, and a shield for Lili. Going back inside the portal they encounter a polar bear. But Helwen talks to him and calms him down, so they can pass. After a thirty minute walk down the valley they see a sloping ice area with ice trees, surrounded by mountains. In the back they spot an extremely large mountain. There is smoke coming from one of the smaller mountains. The party decides to head to the smoking mountain. On their way they encounter a pack of wolves. They slaughter them and Brysark even takes some of their skin. Helwen discovers tracks that lead to a deep dark black keep. Torches flicker with flames even darker. Windows are up high, but the sound of footsteps from beasts are clearly audible. Cort flies over the castle, in the courtyard he sees two lizards walking on two legs. Uthal knocks the door… A ginormous blue horned creature opens the door. It appears to be a frost giant. Uthal describes the amulet the party is looking for, as he is the only one speaking giant. The giant tells he has a large collection of such things and the party may see them if they bring back his two beasts. The beasts are fairly dumb and don’t like cold, their names are Jebog and jetog. The party starts looking for the beasts. Cort flying ahead spots a thing lying in the snow. It soon appears to be a frozen hill giant. This must be the creatures the frost giant was looking for. Suddenly the party falls through the ice, except for Brysark. He trows a rope down so the others can climb up, except for Lili she has to be pulled up. In the meantime Cort spots a cave, so the party heads there. There they find the other hill giant, he tells that Arishna saved him from Nugar, which is not the giant the party talked to, but one with three heads. De party heads on to find Arishna. A steep small tunnel leads deeper into the cave. Brysark sticks his sword in the ice and attaches a rope, so the climb up will be easier. Arishna turns out to be a small lady who is building an army to turn every plane in to ice. The party doesn’t think this is a very good idea, so Brysark throws a force bead at her so she is caught in a magical dome for a few moments. They run taking the hill giant with them, while Lili turns him a little friendlier towards them using a spell. Arishna breaks free, steps on her broom and flies after the party, building a wall of ice in front of them. Brysark gets hit by one of her attacks and is unable to move. Arishna flies towards Brysark and takes him with her while she flies back to the cave.


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